The right mitten of Plush rubbed the honey-wax disk percussively in backward and forward motions, while QUICKLY lifting the stylus-needle out of, and dropping it back into a groove-path somehwere else within the spiral dance. Like a night-scene from a miniature urban construction camp. The manipulation of the disks and the calendrical languages encoded and pressed into them comes across like one hand clapping for just a brief second or a persistent prod, a horizontal poking action with the hands, wrist, elbow and shoulder. A hammering of staccato like rhythms - pulling his own shoulder and arm into a lurching movement, often on beat with the tone-arms movement. The "BEE HERE" goggles that provided Plush with a third-person platform - AQUARIUM SPACE, also helped Plush attenuate the audio-sensory apparatus to a more refined feeling out of - and into - the ears for a change. Plush was growing himself new ears and listening into other worlds.

A fiber optic -coral - cable connected Plush with the Alturntable via a face-mask covering his nose and mouth, that monitored his heart and lung activity, eventually synchronizing the respiratory and blood management systems with the altable working. Producing bio-riddimic F-E-E-D-B-A-C-K. Percy walks through the garage door carrying a bright red sack a sack with the words "quicklime movies" printed in bold applewhite text, his face already marvelling at the swaying and sensual dance of Plush at the ALTABLE, gathering our history's back, road testing the technology.

"Chalks" Plush said, all of a sudden, breaking the 3 minute silence.
"Chalks?" Percy replied, crouching near the backwall, busy scrawling coxeter graphs with his assortment of limestone crayons and calcite devices he uses for marble finnishes, and spezzazo graff.

Plush's resiliant skin flashed green-lozenge, like mottled lime peel whenever the altable lights flickered up onto his face, revealing his chlorophyll complexion, thought Percy, tackling the SU7 group of crystallagraphic structures. Almost like a crocodile green, he went on, but smoother like velvet, almost like the indelible Swamp Hulk. Percy smiled.

"Ch all ksss" Plush chanted aloud, turning 180 degrees to the left and then to right, like the way Theolonious Sphere Monk used to spin, looking up 120 degrees above the horizon. Swaying, maybe holding a sacred breath?

"Len tic u lar!" Plush said slowly, with a sense of pax. Half communicating with an extraterrestrial cuttlefish within his aquarium about Iridophore plates: shells composed of tiny, calcium carbonate plates called “coccoliths", a term coined by Thomas Huxley and Coccolithophorids roughly translating into English as ("round-stone-bearers"). (See end NOTES and wiki links).

Mike walked methodically over to where Plush stood and presented him with the modified saxophone mouthpiece to try out, while noticing the luminous beads of salted sodium crystals dripping down the side of his now minted playhouse face. Percy gazes across the garage space at Mike's hands, they're surrounded by the exoskeletal lattice, reaching out approximately 6 inches in all directions and supporting the G-matrix membrane suit which Percy had designed and built this last year based largely upon the modified genetic engineering and biomimicry studies of the cuttlefish and some of the newer Cybertectural extensions of geodesic and dymaxion design science principleslike thise developed by the master - R. Buckminster Fuller.

"Orthosis is a device which attaches to a limb, so now the MPHDJ suit behaves like a total Orthosis skin and it proves that i know what i am doing." said Percy, drawing patterns in the airspace spinning around his head with his drumstick wand brushyamacallit.

"And now the teleportation out of my skin, and into a new skin, skin up! so mote it be." Percy chanted after spinning in several circles, stepping out in many directions and making elaborate hand-sign language. Not unlike breakdancing and sign-language nurturing a new ideogramic love child.

"Gypsum megacrystals of Naica. DNA delivery systems. Aragonite. The limestone cowboys calling CaCO3 Rock marble limousine. Mini coccolithophores to White Cliffs and blooming satale-light pics. Cuttlebones and human bones. Whitewash. Calcareous Nannoplankton. Quicklime Apple Flash. Calcium Oxide: mortar. Calcareous endoskeleton made of corals-coats. Bio-Rock. Seacrete! both Calcium carbonate. CHalking of of the altables running on chalk man." Plush said, avoiding verse. Still putting it all together, temporarily in a strange new way, Mike thought.

"I may see what you are chalking about, but now the levels of magnitude and orders of abstraction leave me oscillating in chaosmos, Plush. The Third person platform gameplay confuses some of my thoughts" Percy said, in admiration of the de-patterning results.

"Your most probably right there, Percy, what you say, yeah, i feel my activities and experiences racing along so quickly, i can hardly catch them to drop an anchor, ya know?" Plush said, with an unsure look about him, rather unsure, yes, for the first time this evening, uncertain about why he was continuing this historical altable ritual in an old garage, as some book-lung gills quivered like 100 vaginas in a glass cabinet under the stairs, was this worth it? Plush thought.

"Even your backbone is mostly made up from a mixtur between chalk and marble in some sense. Ha," shrugged plush, now smiling again at the interconnection of these things. Percy peers over Plush's elbow to sneak a better view of the dexterous finger work and palm skidds displayed upon the honey-wax disks revolving upon the altable.

Plush touched his thumb to his ring finger, drawn a deep breath and made a human five pointed pentagram, his face like that of a petty thief upon a cross.


Batches of pigmented plaster (ground alabaster or gypsum) modified with animal glue are applied to molds, armatures and pre-plastered wall planes in a manner that accurately mimics natural stone, breccia and marble. In one technique, veining is created by drawing strands of raw silk saturated in pigment through the plastic mix. Another technique involves trowelling on several layers of translucent renders and randomly cutting back to a previous layer to achieve colour differential similar to jasper. When dry, the damp surface was pumiced smooth, then buffed with a linen cloth impregnated with Tripoli, a siliceous rottenstone, and charcoal; finally it was buffed with oiled felt; beeswax was sometimes used for this purpose. Because the colours are integral to the plaster, the pattern is more resistant to scratching than with other techniques, such as painting on wood.-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scagliola

Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CaCO3. It is a common substance found as rock in all parts of the world, and is the main component of shells of marine organisms, snails, and eggshells. Calcium carbonate is the active ingredient in agricultural lime, and is usually the principal cause of hard water. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calcium_carbonate

"Like many phytoplankters, coccolithophorids can form immense blooms - in this case, the blooms are so distinctive, they can be seen from satellite pictures. When the coccoliths from these blooms settle down to the ocean floor, they create thick deposits which, through geological processes, form chalk - including chalk used for classroom chalkboards! The famous white cliffs of Dover, in southern England, are the result of Coccolithophorid blooms and coccolith deposits. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coccolith

"sewage treatment to reduce acidity, to harden, as a flocculant, and to remove phosphates and other impurities; in paper making to dissolve lignin, as a coagulant, and in bleaching; in agriculture to improve acidic soils; and in pollution control, in gas scrubbers to desulfurize waste gases and to treat many liquid effluents. It has traditionally been used in the burial of bodies in open graves, to hide the smell of decomposition, as well as in forensic science, to reveal fingerprints. It is a refractory and a dehydrating agent and is used to purify citric acid, glucose, dyes and as a CO2 absorber. It is also used in pottery, paints and the food industry. Furthermore, quicklime is used in epidemics, plagues, and disasters to disintegrate bodies in order to help fight the spread of disease. CaO is a key ingredient in the nixtamalization process used to create corn hominy and masa or tortilla dough. In ancient India, before the discovery of soap, it was mixed with sand and used to clean ones body, while it was also used to build houses. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quicklime

"Changing color: Cuttlefish are photochromic, and are sometimes referred to as the chameleon of the sea because of their remarkable ability to rapidly alter their skin color at will. Their skin flashes a fast-changing pattern as communication to other cuttlefish and to camouflage them from predators. This color-changing function is produced by groups of red, yellow, brown, and black pigmented chromatophores above a layer of reflective iridophores and leucophores, with up to 200 of these specialized pigment cells per square millimeter. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuttlefish

"Calcium concentration in natural seawater is about 420 ppm[4]. When used for this purpose, lime water is also referred to as "Kalkwasser". Lime water, or some variation of it, is also used in tanning and making parchment. The lime is used as a dehairing agent based on its alkaline solution.[5] -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lime_water

"Luciferase is a generic name for enzymes commonly used in nature for bioluminescence. The name itself is derived from Lucifer, which means light-bearer. The most famous one is firefly luciferase (EC from the firefly Photinus pyralis. In luminescent reactions, light is produced by the oxidation of a luciferin (a pigment), sometimes involving Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The rates of this reaction between luciferin and oxygen are extremely slow until they are catalyzed by luciferase, often mediated by the presence of calcium ions (an analog of muscle contraction)[1]. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luciferase

"It's a bit like something out of the famous sci-fi horror movie Alien. Before they have even hatched, cuttlefish embryos can peer out of their eggs and spot potential prey. It is the first time any animal has been shown to learn visual images before they are born. Ludovic Dickel and his colleagues at the University of Caen Basse-Normandy, France, made the discovery by placing crabs alongside cuttlefish eggs in a series of laboratory tanks. -- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7435757.stm

"A recently-discovered modern gastropod that lives near deep-sea hydrothermal vents illustrates the influence of both ancient and modern local chemical environments: its shell is made of aragonite, which is found in some of the earliest fossil molluscs; but it also has armor plates on the sides of its foot, and these are mineralised with the iron sulfides pyrite and greigite, which had never previously been found in any metazoan but whose ingredients are emitted in large quantities by the vents. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gastropod

"Whitewash, or calcimine, kalsomine, or calsomine is a very low cost type of paint made from slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) and chalk (whiting). Various other additives have also been used. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lime_water



An imaginary scenario somewhere between the schudio walls and electromagnetism.




Yin the buguiness the Nozzle/STYLUS diffused (tone-particles/sound waves) into the - air - that were picked up by floating magnetic tape angels (or two tapes twinned together to form a double helix ribbon, coated in lime which records the tone-particle/sound-wave patterns). The ribbons then entered human lungs, (beneath the ATM breastplate sigil worn by the operator) and diffused into the bloodstream, modifying the RNA DNA CNS processes. The Body-brain-mind transforms were then sent back out into the air (bluesphere) as - remixed - soundwaves, a kind of Airborn Audio; directed into the microphone wand, retranslated into analog signal patterns and then eteched onto the wax seal disk calendar. The disk was rotated upon the turntable, and by way of the stylus needle/nozzle - transformed - back into (tone particles/sound waves) recycling the process full circle. A self-regenerative ATM Universe. Aerosol Turntable Microphone world. ON-Word.


MAGIKAL WEAPONS v.1.0 (as of April 14th 2008, except HEADPHONE replacing DRUM).

* DRUMWAND. FIRE. EYE. SOUTH. SIGHT. (Flaming Eye with drumstick/matchstick/microphone).
* PHONOGRAPH RECORD. - DISK. EARTH. FINGER. TOUCH. SYMBOL. NORTH. (Hand on record disk. Disk has image of planet earth with bull’s horns coming out of it.)
* HEADPHONE CUP(Upturned) - CUP. WATER. TONGUE. TASTE. MIRRIR. WEST. (Inside of a cup, a swimming character with a mythical image of Eagle/Scorpion on swimming cap)
* TURNTABLE - SPRIRIT. EVERYWARE. BLOOTOOTH. (Bluesphere). HEARING. Turntable shaped as an ear. Bluesphere interface with the Infinite Flux of being.
* STYLUS - SWORD. AIR. SMELL. NOSE. EAST. (Diamond tipped stylus with expanded SWORD shape. Cutting. Shining)


Lps. The keys to. Given! A way a lone a last a loved a long the - James Joyce, Finnegans Wake.”

“Cleopatra wrote of currency,
Versus who scatter old records
ignoring the HSIEN form
and jump to the winning side.–Ezra Pound, Canto LXXXV.

Towords an MPHDJ method. Prose turntables and mixer of Correspundance. A Knu Tribal Encyklopedial of changes, odes, rights and histories for time-space playback. New Tools to interlock with the Beastly Rhythm; the rhythm cutting time into space. Cutting into the vinyl discs of history from the great hall of records. An MPHDJ Telling the tale of the tribe fable with magical tools and a turn-tribe-table. I am for balance. Stereo. To be stable.

Sun and moon discs in motion to the patterns of petals and stars, branches and trees all spinning at various pace, the stylus finding the precise times-place. Backandfourth push and pulling forces. The Tao of PLUSH. The Sun appears to be spinning and shining all the spacetime. Night on earth seems just a pitch-shifting shadow. I am shining and spinning all the timespace so I guess that Death is just a pitch-shifting shadow too.

Knock yourself up proper on the head. Tap Tap Tap. Make one full 360 degree turn either to the right or to the left. Run your ring-finger, middle and index fingers past your thumb like when your crab scratching at the cross-fader, for that triplet effect, and then say the words “On turntables as it is in Heaven. On Vinyl as it is on Earth. Turning forever and ever. Oar-men.” Now sit down. Relax. Revolutionize your thinking.

To help formulate a question or meditation i usually drop coins from my mouth onto each turntable platter thrice, casting an I-Ching Hexagram reading for that particular moment in space-time. 3 coins (1 Euro, 1 Pound, 25 cents) dropped six times. Following the King Wen Sequence of the traditional I-Ching divination process i proceed, along with 64 words of genetic code and coincidance in my mind indestructible.

MPHDJ Initiate of the greater mysteries communicating forces with frantic hand gestures and pagan poetry and some sensibility to form MPHDJ weapuns of task construction. Prose Tools. Forming a new hocus stereo focus between the expanding psyche (blue shift) and the expanding universe (red shift). I am for balance, peace and communication.


Disc Jockeys united. Awake and now standing up erect as styli. DJ Geomancy in the air with fingers and minds tracer. Chanting to all regalia. Scratch and juggle shapes and patterns from the turntable platter to the air-space-time and vice-versa. Write a pentagram within a circle. Now try a unicursal hexagram. Who are you and where do your thoughts go when you think of them? Your author discovered today for example that he (IS) in some sense a half-Irish, half-Englishman residing in Amsterdam in the process of developing MPHDJ disc/seal/calendars and a mixer for a lecture on the tale of the tribe.

Rotate your imaginary air-canvas on its horizontal axis and continue invoking and banishing forces, with statesmanship and compassion. Do what thou will. You can charge up the discs while they are spinning on the turntable platter. You can sing your lungs out to the planets and stars, saying magical motto. Pull funny and absurd faces while looking down at the revolutionary disc/seal/calendar/sigil. The disc may have a reflective surface. Imagine a bright flame between you and the disc. Ask yourself who you are and where are your thoughts going today? fly agaric 23, maybelogic.

Prose Tools bound in red, yellow, blue and green silk threads, proof that i know what i am stewing. I resort to the language of symbols in these times of TSOG and their wars. Make peace on walls with LING, a great new sensibility. Peace comes of communication. Rotation and the changes bring on the new ages. After all else has gone, i am that which remains.

Planetary forces will be invoked and banished daily by new turntable operators worldwide. Hands off wireless blue-toothing everyware? crossed-wires, crossed paths. I saw the head DJ’s that ever battle against one another, so that all their thought is a confusion. DJ’s working together to balance the forces. More than symbolic games, turntable healing. Thou has appeared to m huge and allmazifull, the Lord of Time, bearing a sharp stylus sickle atop the heavenly wheels wearing flaming armour, with sword and shield-discs, drums and brushes, triumphantly crowned with the ROTA table. But i was not deceived by these, i cast them all aside and said “begone”.

Thou transformed ABRAHADABRA INTO AMANTAMCARA to unify the microcosmic five and the macrocosmic six with Amanita Muscaria. But even this mighty mushroom deceived me knot. Let those tools be prose Tools. Tables to Tables to cables and back to back to the mixer. On Vinyl as it is on Earth. Turning forever and ever. Oar-men.

Oh Oh oh my Gud! Unity is fly Buginning! Unity is fly Spirit, and fly Purmutation Unity! let me un-veil my fly acrillic gloss.

–Fly Agaric 23
MPHDJ. “fly’.



DISKS: Retina lens. Skull cap.Cells. Belly-button

MICROPHONE WAND: Fingers. Bones. Veins-cables.

CUPS HEADPHONES: Sockets. Mouth. Lungs. Skull. Nose Cavity. Boobs.


STYLUS SWORD: Teeth. Tongue. Finger. Penis. Eyelash. Hairs.

TURNTABLE: Waist JOINT. Neck joints. Eyeballs. Elbow ball and socket.


Tribetable Components #2

Chapter 30.


A short chapter from my forthcoming NOVEL: OUR HISTORYS BACK - in which the tribetable components for constructing the novels novel dialogue are being described. — FLY.

“every external phenomena is like a dream, like a vision, like a bubble, like shadow, like dew, like lightning, and should be regarded as such’ –From the Diamond Sutra.

(Overhead shot of Rotterdam looking like a bright circuit from 1000 meters above at midnight).

(Zoom down into the house through the front door and back into the Garage area.)

The small garage at the back of Mike’s apartment provided ample space for the intrepid group’s first tribetable working. The double garage was spacious enough for at leas three vehicles and seemingly square. In roughly the centre of the garage floorspace a handcrafted - Silver Birch Table - stood on a mustard colored rug decorated with dymaxion maps, star charts, occult symbols, Chinese landscapes and differential equations - all designed and screen-printed by the now legendary Esther Trippleknit.
The four legs of the altable are each individual tribetable Totems. Each leg consisting of figure heads and exotic self-regenerative designs, stacked upon each other forming correspondence with the other three legs when seen from different hights and angles. The wax disks consist of 2 sides of information pressed and sealed for a particular Tribetable working - in this case the hero’s of ourstory - back to back: Disk 1.A-side: Giles Chase. B-side: R. Jacky Muller. Disk 2. A-Side: Ira Pod. B-Side: Carson Wools. Disk 3. A-side: Cutler Bates. B-side: Manfred Humanski. Disk 4. A-side: James Shermon. B-side: Sonny Bob.
Each disk has condensed audio/visual information relating to the specific character and their inter-relations with the storyline so far. Their individual methods, drives, styles, forces and particular historical passages into the present. The wax disks can be manipulated by the hands, feet, tongue or elbow of the MPHDJ operator. Steering the stylus needle to intersecting points producing conversational fragments and bits of communication.
Spin back function and/or a freewheeling release of the disk results in a given sound bite or - map coordinate - to be interpreted by the operator. A total dimensional shift would be possible under these cirumstances by lifting the stylus-sword completely off and out of the groove, and then moving it along to the next track.
The method of cutting and live editing on-the-fly, with character dialogue disk’s is under daily modification and requires a particular preparation and tedious disciplinary exercises. See the MPHDJ method as presented in MAYBE magazine. An efficient way to analyze a sentence or sequence of words in a novel way, opening the gates of perception to new arrangements and semiotic experiments.
The table top design was also a John Disk/Esther Trippleknit piece, crafted from bio-organic components (wood) to perfectly intersect with the operators tribetable tools. Roughly the size of a squared pool table.
The first major tools used are the Picture-Disks that consist of 4 double sided 11 inch wax sigils, each placed upon the four corners of the table in their corresponding elemental positions, while the keystone disk sits in the middle like a panopticon.
The second tool used is the Brush Microphone Wand BMW which functions as a multipurpose - rod shaped object - made up of different species of wood lamenated together. The wand has a tiny microphone speaker embedded within the tip and Ostrich hairs held in the opposite end which can be used for applying various textured and colored media. To anything at the table.
The third tool is an elaborately carved diamond tipped Toad-Fly stylus sword, the diamond tipped stylus needle is held by a silver cast fruit fly, which in turn is held in place by the tongue of a Gold cast Toad, the toad serves the function of the traditional stylus cartridge, the fly’s proboscis is the needle.
The fourth of the major Tribetable tools are the speaker drum cups. These fit into the table at critical nodes to process, amplify, translate, and mirror the signals they receive and transmit. Together, these tools and their correspondences within the historical tale, present a new-structure for the Novel to unfathom for itelf in the later editing and re-arrangement processes.
The Tribetable itself becomes a fifth element. The center piece of the research tabaltar, which all the other tools plug into in various ways at various moments modifying their function in imaginative ways. The Turntable is not at first glance so dissimilar to a popular DJ turntable, but as with many of the newer bio-organic objects processing in 2012, the Plush Tribetable does more than merely meets the eye. Beneath the material realm of mechanical and electromagnetic components an assortment of biological chlorophyll projectors, liquid crystal coasted spores and lucerferin filled micro-droppers work together to read and write information from the various symbol systems rotated upon the platform beneath the plank scale.
Millions of Delicate and tiny photons are dispersed from the rim of the rotating platter - star-bits - that the diamond tipped styli make analogous cuttings of, based upon their astrological coordinates. All hiding beneath the range of natural human vision.
The various maps, charts, and symbols systems from each of the major historical characters fit onto the platter area for the operator to manipulate, modulate, amplify, set into phase, make stereo and/or quadraphonic sound, cut-up again, juggle, scribble, rewind, juggle, scratch etc.
The spirit of the turntable rotates around revolutions, per decade, per minute, each micro void cycle. Combined with the Microphone, Disks, Stylus, Speakers MDSS, the five become the functional and practical tools for the OHB work in progress taking shape in Mike’s garage.
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Prose Tools, Tribe Table’s and MPHDJ method.

DURING THE AEONS SPENT developing a new MPHDJ method for novel novel composition and historical research nicknamed – tribetablism – Plush has been keeping detailed notes and detailed writings on the subject mutter, which after seven weeks of research and development had become one rather lush Volume if i do say so meself. Plush presented the other two mental patients with a hand bound and illustrated copy of his new workbook.
Tribtable Biomemicry 1.0PLUSH MPHDJ Productions. 12/11/2012.

Stylus: Sword, beak, tusk, claw, antennae, sting, tip, crystal.Cut/splt/ ax, knife-blade, Cutting head, NOSE-AIR. East.

The cutting and etching function of the styli’ combines with the electromagnetic turntable pick-up stylus making a read/write sword/pen that - encodes - all things, made available from the internet of things, with its groove signiture or scratch pattern. The Rhythm, the sound and the colour. Within the realm of biological nature we may find cutting ants, pecking birds, clawing mammals, A walrus tusk stabbing at the ice, beavers teeth knawing wooden logs and trees. All this within the detectable human sensory range. Landscapes can be read/written and interpreted - processed in novel turntriblist ways - with the wax disks and MPHDJ method. Now, using an elaborate system of optics and mirrors that can map, translate and calculate the truly cosmic equations of Universe subtracted from tself, we have a new interface with the reality behind the masks, in some sense.

Traces made upon the surface of a lake by a aquatic finn, or impressions in the mud or wet clay left by a foot or hoof, hair or finger. Artefacts impressed into the planetary landscape. Recordings left for us to reinterpret, left for us by energy fields - spacetime binding creatures - cutting their way through a given medium. All of these traces made by objects are recorded by the objects that made them, the equation always balances itself within regenerative Universe. Balance. Tone. Volume. Yeah yer right! Which always relates back to the 5 elements in one way or another, or the interplay between the five. Within tribetable land, a kind of electromagnetic orgone field permeates everywhere, everywhen. Just like the way the internet of things covers everywhere and everywhen. The intelligence field is within and without itself. Moving on from the question of who owns the reflection, we find Information waves can travel faster than light and so backwards and forwards through our individual perception of linear time, always seemingly moving forwards, at the moment.

One day, or NO-DAY, maybe linear time will become non-linear time and the improbable will become the probable. We work on the other side of time. MPHDJ Pattern identity and resolution of opposites. In flux. In Vortex. In spiral time. In spacetime binding BOOTSTRAPS the sweaty feet of industrious DJ’s tap dance music.

Disk: Shells, Stones, eyeballs, tree trunk-cylinder, flat-fish, lilly pad, Ice-Plate, MountainSigil Graph. Earth, Touch pade. NORTH, Turntable Platter.

Disks of Earth are a part of the complex interface between the symbolic wheels/Sigils and, the manifested language objects within the Tribetable Universe and - INTERKNOTWERK of TINGS - When the Tribetable functions the sigil-disks are rotating, both reading and writing at the same time, effectively. DJ manipulated Blogjects order the components on AMAZON to construct themselves, writing themselves off and onto more conventional data storage devices. Some picture/symbols and images upon the rotating discs are manifest in hologramic form, raised somewhat from the plane of FLAT view.
Disk Templates:
Astrological Charts
Harmonic Musical Intervals and Chords
Chinese Ideogramic
CNS RNA/DNA Genetics
Periodic Table
Mayan Dresden Codex
Beth Luis Nion
Disk Mediums:
Etching Chemicals:
Coconut milk

Microphone: Hairs, Stems, Veins, Penis, snake, tongue, neck, limbs,Brush, Wand of fire. Totem. Table legs, SOUTH.

The tubular wand is a scale invarient model of the Tribetable Universe, a elongated donut. Tube. Hollow infinite string. Within the chamber well of each nerve, worm-hole, root, string, cable, tree trunk, we find conditions and Oscillation rates, that, are exploited and modified in various was by the microwand-phone of fire. To take the word higher. The great totem macrophone contains the tribatable Universe within its endless tube. The Butterly microphones (microphones with wings) fitter about largely unoticed, until they plug into a lillypad disk, by way of the tongue of the turntaopool toad and explode into a cosmology of things. A Finnegans Wake of stuff and things. A collide-o-scope and phalanx of objects, as you will.

Headphone-Cups: Blow holes, mouth, coconut shell, jelly-fish, flowers.Pond Water. Mirror. Taste. Tongue. WEST.

Rotating Platform. Omnidirectional Spirit. Planetary axis. Ball and Socket joint. Slices off the Tube donut.Turntable Tortoise. Tribetable Platter. Tank Turret.

The rotating platforms within the tribetable Universe’s are the multi-functional junctions for the sound spirit. The PIVOT. The axis itself, the measurable rotational rates. Placed within the context of the magickal elemental pentagram of five elements, the rotational qualities of the tribetable functions enable read/write activity. Astrological, Bio-chemical. Cosmogenetic, Nanoconstructors. Microphone to Macrohome. Built by dope demands. The Tribetables operate across scale, are scale invariant, and rhythm patterns transcend any given medium. VIBRATIONAL elementals ensure a full spectrum of considerations. With the addition of in/out portals for the headphones and microphone, the Tribetable, when HYPERLINKED, consists of the 4 main elements and itself, as the fifth.

Each component and the tribeable itself are constructed from a sub group of elements, and so on into fields, spirits, winds and stars. Backtoback to gas and air. Change and fluidity. Hence the revolutionary process. Change and becoming. DNA range and re-arrangement of the stars by way of tables of law, dropping beats other than 4 to the floor. 5 to the cosmos.


Cutting Ants, Pecking Birds, dog claw’s digging, Walrus tusk’s stabbing, beavers teeth knawing all within the detectable human sensory ranges.