“We can still say nothing about the wave” –Ira Pod, Badchthumpered Peanas. A Musical
counterpint ode to McGunnius. Renaissance Repress.”—Ira Pod.


Around August 1st 1936 Berlingham, Germoney geoglyphically hosted the Oilampix. Plush spun down to the stylus ship, set needle to breakers, past pretence future weave of atoms and wiffs – froth on the godly sea – now riverum tumble of Shannonigums Wave. Plush set up mast sail and antenna on that stylus ship, which rings us bwoy a turntabius vicus of recirculation back to back to No Yowlk and Rapalltown and Berlingham environs: august 1st 1936, Giles Chase wrapped in nanotube paste, fr’over the short snot sea with billyum canvases – rearrived from mouth Amorika, heavy with weeping, and winds from starboard to fight his pen-isolate war on the words at the Oilamp Trick Gums of 1936.

Giles Chance – covered with a close webbed mist (which contained his tech support cloud) was joined by Ira Pod, Cutler Bates and Marten McLure in Berlingham, while they went doubling their mumper all the time – with glitter of sun-rays, Bates and Chase brewed by arclight. Here did they writes. Plush on Altable, a prayer to the sickly death’s heads, ringsome on the aquaface. The fall. Fall you might rise your mast. And the penmen rose’ shadows o’er all the ocean. From a swarming disk data memory stick each character smelliported to the oil-gums and their upturnpikepointandplace. Poured we libations unto each the dead, of a once wallstrait oldparr is retaled in bed. And drawing Stylus from my hip, i dug the humptyhillhead upon the Altumble Tabletoes.

History clashes with wills, many men mauled by the scribes – the oystrygods. History HOAX HOAX. “These historical forces and values gathered about me, with shouting” Plush said. “Unsheath the narrow stylus, I’m going in.” Berlingringstroms. But first came McLure, our friend McLure. What chance cuddleys, of going down the long ladder unguarded, to engineer molecular, magnetic, chromatiq and atomic structures, what chance cuddleys, what chance? Plush holding his golden drumstick “struxk his tete in a tub for to watsch the future of his fates, but ere he swiftly stook it out again.” “A man with no fortune and a name to come.” He said. “Ira Pod’s Dantales and Shannonigums Wave by Giles Chase – intertwined, intermixed disks on our Altable.

Ira sailed by Sirens – the trim-coifed goddess path, outward and away from Eyeduno - Amorica to yourhope: Rapalltown under a fog of biocides. Bearing the golden bough of agaricida so that our hip hop cubehouse still rocks as earwitness. Ira brought singing matter, shouting matter, dancing matter of youths and of the old who had borne much. Ira fell downdown the unguarded ladder and shattered a nape-nerve against the buttress, or it mought have been due to a collupsus of his back promises, as other looked at it. Hahahaha Mr. Pod, you’re going to be fined again! With the golden crown, Iradite’. Comeday morm and, O, you’re vine. Ira moved to Rapalltown, Mitale’ – and abducted the town with music, painting and poetry. Cutler Bates soon came.

Hang it All, Cutler Bates. Who was busy compiling the Camelfnord book of dates when he received Ira’s ransom romance – Bates and his ship landed 12-13 weeks later, eyes of Dali’ water cutting under his keel. Indestructible mind full of GYRES. Chase, Pod and Bates triplicity lights inexstiguishable. And the wave runs in the Rapalltown beech grove - and the stylus runs in the disk groove – RNA ink draws atoms and quiffs in the Hawks well at noon. And poor Giles Chase, blind, blind as a bat. The three masters of modernism and English poetry cling to the rocky shoreline, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, there is a wine-red glow in the shallows a tin flash in the sun dazzle. Ira, Giles and Cutler to overthrow history over the Berlingham wall, and put her back together again, with the murmur of old men’s voices. Wake running off from the bow.

And by the rock pool a young boy loggy with vine must was spotted by master Wools. Three quarks for Bygmester Shermon: Humanksi, Wools and Muller. Orbiting the Apollodelphi Theatre – Now Yowlk, 10.00 PM . The young boy of 4 from Gerritsen beach - Sonny Bob - plays McGraff’s younger cousin in McGraff’ a musical by Carsun Wools, “when they brought the young boy i said: he has god in him, though i do not know which god.” Carsun said of Sonny. Shermon conceives midgital communication using the long moon for a churn stick. Humanski Carsun and Muller watch as Sonny Bob telepathically passes fourier transfers to James Shermon – the cranic head on him, caster of his reasons. The Jazzy wave-cords splashing around the theatre hollows, bebop McGriff bellowing out Black African music and theatre into history on the night of July 31st 1936 achording to Plush's current platterplate place.

And Midgital communication was born, and dynamic maximum attension, and the foundation for seamen tricks too; all these great tales told by Sherm and Shan in the gritty Shannanigums Wave to brew Chase’s masterpiece of mathematical genius which launched the midgital information age off the page. Glass-glint of wave in the tide rips against sunlight. Grey peak of the wave, wave... Woolsrusspower to all-around humanity. Pull down thy vanity. From grosskopp to megapod, as from the beginning of wonders, Humanski went in for structure but consumption is still done by animals. Holy snakes, chase me charley, Eva's got barley under her fluencies! Tempus tacendi, tempus loquendi. And the plot to alert Ira in Berlingham got underway.

The great scarab is bowed at the altar the green light gleams in its shell, fold the hands, bow the head - and gun sales lead to more gun sales, guns, guns, guns. Dollis and Skully Von cum to have Adolphted such a Adelphus! O, the singing. 1936 contracts to secure guns and dope. Using the people as its mere dupe, undercover: the OILYMPIC troops. Mr Pope has conformed it to the notions of Englishmen and Americans in Tacitus and in Homer. Ingle end says now for know. Stevenscum, Dollis, Folly and Skully Von and the Berlingham faith exchange. Germoney, Inkland, Mitale’ Amorica, where in history will you find it? “Isle wail for yews.’ Said Chase. The spooks grilled Pod, Bates and Chase, literally – electrochemically shocked them – blotch and void. “I am noman, my name is noman.” Ira announced to the twelvepodstall inquisitors. The old moderns resisted Spengleton’s pet project SADIO: Trading Cocaine Cola, Christianity & crude oil - a kind of Christmess speedball for summer 36’ – around the globe. “NO” Ira, Chase and Bates said sincere...


“The art of positronic reincarnation. In lay terms, when one brain wears out with age, I simply move my quantum energy into another brain. The return of the Great Old Ones, or GOO, as we call them.— The Sage of Dalkey.

“We annihilated the world before your very ears and utterly destroyed the CBS”. Carson Wools, Confessions of a cinemaphile. Whorebridge Press. 1936.

“I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of the universe.” Jacky Muller, Noun Again. Comp. Press. 1932. Pg. 152

“This means that the values of the samples f(n / 2W) determine the Fourier coefficients in the series expansion of F(ω). Thus they determine F(ω), since F(ω) is zero for frequencies greater than W, and for lower frequencies F(ω) is determined if its Fourier coefficients are determined. But F(ω) determines the original function f(t) completely, since a function is determined if its spectrum is known. Therefore the original samples determine the function f(t) completely. – James Shermon

“In this connection, Fourier has shown that any given form of waves can be represented by the superposition of sine-waves, and that therefore a sine-wave may be considered as a general formulation.” Humanski said, tapping his foot to the strange galloping swing.

"Humanski, who developed the concept of General Semantics, the meaning of meaning, has pointed out this human distinction and described man as ‘the time-binding animal.” Dudley S. Boros, Chief Commisioner of Sewers and the Electromeganetic revolution.

"In the present context, Humanski's mathematized language structures, like the Venossa/Pod emphasis on Chunese videograph, Helps us perceive/conceive Internet-of-things in alternative ways, Not possible for those restricted to Indo-European semantic structures.” Sonny Bob.

"Livingry is juxtaposed to weaponry and killingry, and means that which is in support of all human, plant, and Earth life. "The architectural profession--civil, naval, aeronautical, and astronautica — has always been the place where the most competent thinking is conducted regarding livingry, as opposed to weaponry." Jacky Muller, Pivotal Passage, Pg. 25.


"On May 17th, Pod recorded a selection of his poetry on 78 RPM acetate/metal-backed transcription discs for the Woodberry Poetry Room—then still located in Widener Library (it was moved to Lamont Library in 1949, housed in a high modernist space designed by the Finnish architect Alvor Aalta). -- http://writing.upenn.edu/pennsound/x/text/Sieburth-Richard_Pound.html

“That Shananigums Wave is a dream is one commonplace; so who is dreaming, an answer maybe the book itself” –- Terence Hughs McKenner.

"Ira, asked whether he really believed in Rico's Scienza Nouva, Chase replied: "I don't believe in any science, but my imagination grows when I read Rico as it doesn't when I read Freudung"

“Do people who think "ideogrammically" develop different "brains" than people who think alphabetically? Jacky Muller and Pod agree with Venossa that they do. What do you think? –Sonny Bob. Yoga & Ira Pod. 1957. The unrealist.

“…the question of history is a problum of methodology that necessarily emerges in every account of even the smallest segment of history” –Georg lukacs.

“I am aiming my muzikfest for the last week in July. –Ira Pod to Gerald Haze of Xxford University Press.




“ Sports and Sugar and Cocaine baby, yeah”. Spat Bill Skully Von’, his eyes 20’000 leagues black. -- Our Historys Back. Steven "Fly Agaric" Pratt.

"During the interwar years, Skullyvan travelled extensively in Europe and met with foreign leaders, including Adolf Hitler of Germany. Donovan openly believed during this time that a second major European war was inevitable. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Joseph_Donovan

"Song and dancing were parts of the worship of the Greek gods. Contests in music and poetry were held at the shrine of Apollo in Delphi. Civic festivals with 'games' were similarly developed, notably the festival of Athena at Athens. And all these contests were means of gaining honor. Athletic and military concern alike focused attention on the male body. Since every citizen from twenty to forty-nine, if not a cripple, was liable to military duty and would have to stand in combat every few years, most cities prescribed athletic training as a form of military preparedness." From 'The Columbia History of the World' by J. A. Garraty and P. Gay"

“There were also indications that Permindex had been a NATO intelligence front that had been created after the War from the remnants of Adolf Hitler's intelligence units. According to some, this refers to the Spider networks of Otto Skorzeny and of former SS intelligence Chief, Reinhard Gehlen. Both Skorzeny and Gehlen were in the employ of brothers and high ranking Republicans, Allen Welsh Dulles, Director of the CIA under Dwight D Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles who served as Secretary of State under Eisenhower. John Dulles of course famously went on the record as making the chilling admission "The United States of America does not have friends, it has interests". -- Adapted from an article submitted by Terrence Stokes.

“Your Dantales, I now judge to be the first and only serious use of the great technical possibilities of the cinematograph. Am I right in thinking of them as a montage of personae and sculptured images? Flash-backs providing perceptions of simultaneities? (16 June 1935)-- Marten McLure to Ira Pod. Letters.

“Since the ontological basis of history is the relation of men with other men, the fact that the individual ‘I’ exists only against the background of the community, the poet does not have the right to populate his epic with an arbitrary selection of characters from different eras whose only purpose is to serve as exempla of the author’s particular predilections or dislikes.” -- The Tale of the Tribe.

"The massive Olympic Stadium, which the Nazi party built for the 1936 Summer Games, survived the war with little damage. -- http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/nuremberg/gallery/g_09.html

“The partnership established in 1936 between the J. Henry Schroder Bank of No Yowlk and several Stockerfouler family members to form Schroder, Dekkerfeller and Company, Investment Bankers that provided economic support to the Roam-Berlingham Axis.” –Lenny Butcher, Jesuit, Spy, Banker, Espiocrat. Funkton Tabletop Books. 1993. page 111.

28 viewing rooms were set up around Berlin, where 150,000 people are estimated to have seen the Olympics. Projection sets were used to produce 8 x 10 foot images. The signals were transmitted by coaxial cable to the viewing rooms -- http://www.earlytelevision.org/1936_olympics.html

Butch poster protesting the Berlingham 1936 Oilamp Tricks

"The Olympic village contained a movie theater, a small shopping area, a well staffed and stocked hospital specializing in sports medicine, postal facilities, recreational swimming and exercise areas, back-woods walking trails and plenty of dining facilities. Animals, such as squirrels and swans were imported into the village to enhance the ambiance. Mosquito breeding grounds were destroyed. A British official once joked that the only thing missing from this picturesque scene were a few storks. The next day, 200 storks were imported from Berlin to the village."

"Berlin was supposed to host the games in 1916, but these were cancelled due to WWI.
Preparations for the 1936 Olympic games ran into problems as soon as they left the proverbial starting block. In 1931, Germany's unemployment figures topped the 5 million mark. Money and needed funds to cover a myriad of issues could not be raised. Germany was in near economic and financial ruins. The German Olympic Committee wanted to collect not only enough money to start building for the Olympic games in 1936, they also wanted to participate at the 1932 Olympic games in Los Angeles. A key contributor to the German Olympic effort was the German Reichspost. They provided the German Olympic Committee with a grant of 1 million Reichsmarks (RM); in addition they also issued postage stamps with contained an Olympic game surcharge. A national lottery was established in Germany and a one Pfennig surcharge was levied on all German sporting events tickets. In addition to attending the games in Los Angeles, German Olympic planners were especially keen to study how America organized its Olympic village for the attending athletes - an Olympic first. -- http://www.feldgrau.com/1936olymp.html

Oilamp Trick SWIMMING complex. Beneath which lay the hidden Nazi lair of torture and business.

"This marked the first live television coverage of a sports event in world history. -- www.tvhistory.tv/1936_Berlin_Olympics

Promotional Poster: Oilamp Trick Games 1936. Berlingham.