Abakus Magazine: Multi-Model Agnostic Geometry

While recently combing the inter webs for ideas, novel innovations in technology and the language used to describe such innovations, I do not often come across the use of terms such as sacred, spiritual and holy, or if I do they often display what I perceive to be lacking in basic scientific method. A handful dare to cross academic boundaries, while they retain a methodological integrity and sense, often due to a relatively simple linguistic hygiene practice, so floss your stinky Aristotelian tongue. A reminder: what you are reading is the product of a singular human being amongst billions, and any truth hauled in by your meat puppet will shortly be cast back out to the depths again. Please go dig on RAW, Dr. Timothy Leary, Dr. John Lilly, Bucky Fuller and Aleister Crowley for some wicked examples, great fishing spots and techniques.--Steve Fly

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