Deep Code Experiments by Jordan Greenhall

I was delighted to recently stumble upon (by way of a Twitter retweet by Cory Doctorow) these fresh video's from Jason Greenhall, exploring various scenarios, maps, models and metaphors worthy of your contemplation, and for anybody interested in 'the tale of the tribe'.

Among many other thinkers--while listening to these bite sized chunks of progressive social futurism--I get signals from Buckminster Fuller and his all-around-the-world cooperative, synegetics, and generally his anti-rivalry design science solutions. I get signals from Marshall McLuhan, and from Giamabttista Vico, and have begun to apply some of the 8-Circuit Model, to these social psychological, cultural, political, economic models defined by Jordan.

Thanks for sharing the video's, I look forward to more posts.
--Steve Fly

[Deep Code Experiment] Episode 1: 4 Layer Model of Social Systems

[Deep Code Experiment] Episode 2: The Rivalrous and the Anti-Rivalrous

[Deep Code Experiment] Episode 3: Complicated, Complexity, Chaos. The Cynefin framework.

[Deep Code Experiment] Episode 4. The Game of Thrones.

[Deep Code Experiment] Episode 5: The Tainter Plus Model.

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