MAGIKAL WEAPONS v.1.0 (as of April 14th 2008, except HEADPHONE replacing DRUM).

* DRUMWAND. FIRE. EYE. SOUTH. SIGHT. (Flaming Eye with drumstick/matchstick/microphone).
* PHONOGRAPH RECORD. - DISK. EARTH. FINGER. TOUCH. SYMBOL. NORTH. (Hand on record disk. Disk has image of planet earth with bull’s horns coming out of it.)
* HEADPHONE CUP(Upturned) - CUP. WATER. TONGUE. TASTE. MIRRIR. WEST. (Inside of a cup, a swimming character with a mythical image of Eagle/Scorpion on swimming cap)
* TURNTABLE - SPRIRIT. EVERYWARE. BLOOTOOTH. (Bluesphere). HEARING. Turntable shaped as an ear. Bluesphere interface with the Infinite Flux of being.
* STYLUS - SWORD. AIR. SMELL. NOSE. EAST. (Diamond tipped stylus with expanded SWORD shape. Cutting. Shining)

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