Bucky Living Through Chemistry and Planetary Synergy

Bucky Living Through Chemistry and Planetary Synergy

Buckminster Fuller developed a game he called 'world game' that gives the players the opportunity to manipulate and 'play' with the global 'planetary' life-support systems, putting players in the most powerful positions of world power and sharing the agency to change policy and trade and spending within specified territory. Players can experiment with various strategies for creating a healthy co-operative relationship with other players, and with luck a 'planetary synergy' of shared, interconnected resources and intelligence.

Alternatively you can play a more realistic and popular strategy of secretive deals and even 'war' if you like, a strategy including force, coercion, and massive waste of resources, and often severe injury and loss of human life, civilian casualties, torture, rape and pillage. But in a virtual physical-game space.

The world game allows individuals and/or groups to play with various strategies, to promote 'Killingry' or 'livingry' to a greater or lesser degree. From playing the game, and with luck, the players can learn by experience that co-operation and sharing of resources and intelligence makes for an efficient and 'synergetic' planetary system.
Private, secretive and closed systems lead to conflict, miss-communication and often 'war'. I hope this defines a punch line that leads me into a specific glossing and focus for a possible 'future world game' scenario: i.e. world-around drug tolerance and 'legalization', and an end to the failed and failing war on some people who use some drugs.

Using the Global Internet to collect data and statistics we can calculate, through statistical analysis the optimum strategy in any game? But do Governments and major corporations also do this calculating, albeit with a different data 'set' to the average citizen of earth and with the agency to implement their calculations in any specified territory. It seems to me that some have access to secret or private information, and others do not, and therefore the probable outcomes are spoiled by this disproportionate representation of information, and we have an unfair, unbalanced game. At this point I would ask the reader to consult Wikileaks for a huge information update for the Global 'world game' scenario, and consider once more Hagabard Celine's Law: National Security is the chief course of national insecurity" or "The more laws they pass, the more criminals they create."

Steve'fly agaric 23' Pratt
Amsterdam, 25th December, 2010.

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