RAW360.net (21st December Launch)

www.raw360.net will go live December 21st, 2012.

I made a short introduction to RAW360 by way of describing 'the tale of the tribe' and how, in my humble opinion, raw360.net presents a new medium by which to process the encyclopedic and the epic, in literature, poetry, and historicism.


(An overview of TTOTT synthesis in the age of web 2.0)

Over the last ten years, in the company of a sleepless band of independent researchers, I have been tuned onto special information processing of The Tale Of The Tribe (TTOTT) developed exclusively by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007).

Today in July 2011 we embark on a whole new way of communicating some parts of RAWs 'Tale of the tribe' by introducing new ways of seeing and new ways of navigating 'information processing spaces' spaces that reflect the architects that RAW highlights in his TTOTT foundation.

 The multi-sensory experience of interacting with the new 'info-process tools' feature flash based 360 panoramas and embedded media in a way that ploughs the language for the appropriate inspiring flow.

I walk in the footsteps of those writers whom wish to show delight in the limitations and boundaries of the art form. Visit any major writers website and be confronted with audio, video, texts and hyperlinks, the sum total of which, I feel, often overshadows the individual media by which they maybe regarded. (a moving picture with surround sound audio of Dali' painting, for example, may exceed the attension span of most domesticated primates who 'see' his static paintings, although they move the mind more than most!

A new synthesis has emerged amidst the convergence of information technology, social networking and the will to share, and what we are doing with the PANORAWMA is making a new synthesis explicit and demonstrable by example. Look and see, click and watch, read, listen process. I feel that in 2011/12 we can build special 'information processing tools' that are designed to interact with a special individuals 'programming' and 'programmers' and what better place to build a foundation other than that started by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson?

Together the 'programming' (that maybe defined as the principles and methodologies distilled from the works of RAW) and the 'programmers' (in this special case scenario the dozen or so characters from RAWs TTOTT) produce a remarkable comprehensive super-computer: an operating system that includes the unique mixture of innovations that we get from study of the tale of the tribe, a new global epic including history and magic.

Here I shd. offer a word on why you must read on and how RAWs TTOTT  harnesses a lifetimes study in what I, and many scholar activists alike; consider the most important and critical 'information skills' to help planetary humanity, make it together and explore mind, earth, space (inner/outer) and each other in harmony.
Dr. Wilson read and processed each of the characters in his tale of the tribe over a period of approx' sixty years. SIXTY YEARS, with a taoist modernist method of processing these characters, balanced progressive and featuring suspended judgement, multi-valued logic, poetic surprise principles and cybernetic mathematical balance.

RAW exhibited a beautifully appropriate 21st century 'programme' of humanitarian information processing with a witty creative edge long long ago, and, I may add defined lawyer run capitalism, banking syndicates and secret societies, simultaneously with 'quantum psychology' and 'the eight circuit model of consciousness' with the likes of Dr. Timothy Leary. He helps place you, the reader, interactor in the driving seat enabled, better informed.

RAW refused to step down or stop striking his hilariously precise blows at the greedy and corrupt  mummerjumpers who block and sabatage innovation, free-trade (in its proper sense), and art-run humanism from breaking out across planet earth tomorrow, and out into the greater solar system maybe in a matter of months.

I think that the least we can do might consist of correlating some of his favorite innovators and humanitarian artists into a RAW universe, (PANORAWMA: a place that reflects RAW through the people he expressly named running together in a rogue gang, a sleepless krewe consisting of magicians, historians, writers, poets, film makers, linguists, media theorists, design scientists, comedians, heretics, all raving together in a big soup, engineered into cyberspace by the greatest living web 2.0 geniuses and visionary artists actively building the PANORAMA right here, everywhere and nowhere at once.

The new 360 degree panorawma spaces are an opportunity for synthesis between the characters from RAWs TToTT, a synthesis between the innovations and principles they contributed to the collective human knowledge base (2011).

The precise and equalibrius writing of RAW naturally provides such a synthesis, and his books and articles remain testament to this comprehensive wholism as deployed through the medium of literature. The PANORAWMA project reflects the process of making a movie in comparrison with writing a book. We are building an interactive Universe where activities and events take place through multi-media synthesis: video, image, text, audio, game play.

In my opinion the key to building a harmonious Universe lies in the inter-connectivity between all of its parts, and the tale of the tribe by RAW seems to have been developed to exploit this inter-connectivity, where any of the charcters can be processed and permutated with any other to produce meaningful and complimentary mixtures. The art of mixing and of juxtaposition, however, often requires a very special touch, a rhythm and timing and sense for improvisation, to then travel the posible pathways, the choices, and analyse the path of least resistance, or that which resolves the immediate sense of opposing forces. Enter the poet, enter the painter, enter the photographer, enter the programmer, creating together to balance the equation: language vs. The equation.

--Steven 'fly agaric 23' Pratt.

"Keep the lasagna flying"--Robert Anton Wilson.


1922 year 1 of MODERNISM (Book review)

A new age dawned on October 30 1921, said Ezra Pound, who claimed that the Christian Era ended on the day that James Joyce finished the final paragraph of Ulysses. Three months later Joyce’s book was published on the palindromic date of 2/2/22 – his 40th birthday --http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/historybookreviews/9712690/Constellation-of-Genius-by-Kevin-Jackson-review.html

Preface to 'The Mayan Letters by CHarles Olson.

For me, and my world right now (9th December 2012) Charles Olson and his book 'The Mayan Letters' makes perfect sense.

Here's the preface:

Preface to Mayan Letters

by Charles Olson

Sometime toward the end of 1950, it was in December I think, but the letter isn't dated, I heard that Charles Olson was off to Yucatan. A sudden "fluke"—the availability of some retirement money owed him from past work as a mail carrier—gave him enough for the trip, "not much but a couple of hundred, sufficient, to GO, be, THERE. . . ." By February I had got another letter, "have just this minute opened this machine in this house lerma. . . ." From that time on I heard from him regularly, and so was witness to one of the most incisive experiences ever recorded. Obviously it is very simple to call it that, that is, what then happened, and what Olson made of his surroundings and himself. Otherwise, it is necessary to remember that Olson had already been moving in this direction, back to a point of origin which would be capable of extending "history" in a new and more usable sense. In his book on Melville, Call Me Ishmael , he had made the statement, "we are the last first people . . ."; and in his poetry, most clearly in "The Kingfishers," there was constant emphasis on the need to break with the too simple westernisms of a 'greek culture.'
Yucatan made the occasion present in a way that it had not been before. The alternative to a generalizing humanism was locked, quite literally, in the people immediately around him, and the conception, that there had been and could be a civilization anterior to that which he had come from, was no longer conjecture, it was fact. He wrote me, then, "I have no doubt, say, that the American will
Charles Olson, Mayan Letters (BaƱalbufar, Mallorca: Divers Press, 1953).

more and more repossess himself of the Indian past. . . . If you and I see the old deal as dead (including Confucius, say), at the same time that we admit the new is of the making of our own lives & references, yet, there is bound to be a tremendous pick-up from history other than that which has been usable as reference, the moment either that history is restored (Sumer, or, more done, Chichen or Uaxactun) or rising people (these Indians, as camposinos ripe for Communist play—as ripe as were the Chinese, date 1921, June 30). . . ." The problem was, to give form, again, to what the Maya had been—to restore the "history" which they were. For in the Maya was the looked-for content: a reality which is "wholly formal without loss of intimate spaces, with the ball still snarled, yet, with a light (and not stars) and a heat (not androgyne) which declares, the persistence of both organism and will (human). . . ."
In editing the present selection, I have tried to maintain a continuity in spite of the limits of space and the loss of some letters which it has meant. I have indicated excisions with dots ( . . .), whenever such were necessary.


Giordano Bruno was so right so long ago, yo.

The Italian priest Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake in 1600 for, among other things, imagining an infinite number of other worlds and claiming that "innumerable suns exist; innumerable earths revolve about these suns."

Modern astronomers are proving Bruno right - there really are innumerable suns with innumerable planets revolving around them.

An extrasolar planet, or exoplanet, is a planet outside our solar system. As of early September, a total of 836 exoplanets have been found. Astronomers now believe that more than half of all sunlike stars harbor at least one planet, leading to the estimate of at least 160 billion exoplanets in our own Milky Way galaxy.


An extrasolar planet, or exoplanet, is a planet outside the Solar System. A total of 839 such planets (in 662 planetary systems, including 125 multiple planetary systems) have been identified as of October 5, 2012.[1] Estimates of the frequency of systems strongly suggest that more than 50% of Sun-like stars harbor at least one planet.[2] In a 2012 study, each star of the 100 billion or so in our Milky Way galaxy is estimated to host "on average ... at least 1.6 planets."[3][4] Accordingly, at least 160 billion star-bound planets may exist in the Milky Way Galaxy alone.[3][4] Unbound free-floating planetary-mass bodies in the Milky Way may number in the trillions, with 100,000 objects larger than Pluto for every main-sequence star.[5] 


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“One of the central features of Confucianism is courtesy, which is one of the most lacking qualities in American society.  Politeness.  I’m not even talking about ethics.  But the funny thing is that if you make a habit of politeness, you naturally become more ethical.”   -    Science fiction author, conspiracy theorist and Capitola resident Robert Anton Wilson from from “Say what? Quotes from 2003 that made us angry, made us laugh and made us go, Hmm …” Santa Cruz Sentinel, Staff Report,  31 Dec 2003.
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RAW and the Great Beast


The Great Beast – Aleister Crowley
by Robert Anton Wilson
from Paul Krassner’s The Realist, issues 91-B, C, 92-A, B (1971-2)
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O – The Fool
All ways are lawful to innocence. Pure folly is the key to initiation.          – The Book of Thoth

   Crowley: Pronounced with a crow so it rhymes with holy: Edward Alexander Crowley, b. 1875 d. 1947, known as Aleister Crowley, known also as Sir Aleister Crowley, Saint Aleister Crowley (of the Gnostic Catholic Church), Frater PerduraboFrater Ou Mh, To Mega Therion, Count McGregor, Count Vladimir Svareff, Chao Khan, Mahatma Guru Sri Paramahansa ShivajiBaphomet, and Ipsissimus; obviously, a case of the ontological fidgets - couldn't make up his mind who he really was; chiefly known as The Beast 666 or The Great Beast; friends and disciples celebrated his funeral with a Black Mass: or so the newspapers said.