The RAW-OTO-Illuminati Rabbit Hole

Over the years (as RAW notes in Cosmic Trigger) some suggested that he was the Real Head of the Illuminati, which of course RAW would never actually confirm or deny—not because it was either true or false—but because it was more amusing to let people believe whatever they wanted to believe… and it probably didn’t hurt book sales of Illuminatus!either. Whatever the case, around 2003 I posed to RAW this very same question, inquiring if he was indeed the one and only Head of the Illuminati, and his answer, in typical satiric fashion, was “No, I’m the toe.” This wasn’t exactly the response I was looking for, but just the same I asked if he’d appoint me an Illuminati High Priest, to which he didn’t hesitate one second: “You are hereby appointed.” And although this lofty position hasn’t improved my sex life or finances to any measurable degree, you must admit it’s one hell of an honor belonging to a secret order associated with Robert Anton Wilson.--Adam Gorightly, http://historiadiscordia.com/the-raw-oto-illuminati-rabbit-hole/


Bucky Fuller and Alfred Korzybski: the comprehensivists.

Bucky Fuller, another renowned student of general semantics, named such thinkers “comprehensivists.” Fuller was himself an iconic representative of the comprehensivists.


tale of the tribe and the sirius mystery

The tale of the tribe contact high.

Fuck off, and welcome to another installment of my blog--a tale of the tribe--that aims to offer a resource of specific information related to the great complex and generally hidden project (unfinished) tale of the tribe, by the late Robert Anton Wilson.

Since a recent positive explosion of interest in Robert Anton Wilson across the United Kingdom due, in part to the brilliant book by John Higgs about the the KLF featuring much RAW wisdom and context for a UK audience. Plus, the Cosmic Trigger stage play looks to make agents sweat when it launches in Liverpool, November 23rd 2014. Revisiting Cosmic Trigger the book, the current author was bowled over again by gazillions of new connections, and a new deeper love for RAW and his life story, and a willingness to look at the tale of the tribe from a new angle, which sets the basis of the following piece of writing i gathered onto the paper page a few hours ago, here in Vondel Park, Amsterdam.


pg. 1

TTOTT and the Sirius mystery

what if
RAWs great unfinished symphony
the tale of the tribe
were more than a guide to 13 of
the greatest human minds
who helped humanity find
through communication

what if
were also a guide to contacting
higher intelligences
from alternate dimensions
or wherever
what if the tale of the tribe
were really a key
to the sirius mystery
and itself a cosmic trigger?

pg. 2

take Girodano Bruno
his new languages
for new communications with
higher intelligence
development of angelic languages
so called

foundations of
enochian vision magick
contemporary with John Dee and
Edward Kelly

Bruno and his works hold keys
to early contact with E.Ts
angels entities as you wish
and denizens of the sirius
triple star system

strange holy guardian angels
but somehow
communicating through timespace
through the nervous system of
Robert Anton Wilson
into the tale of the tribe
a modern critique
of scripture
holy binding contractual poetic
does it work?

pg. 3

Yeats Joyce and Pound
also made
in some sense with higher
some might say muse
others artistic inspiration
but what

if Yeats...
(a butterfly landed with all six mittens onto
the page while writing this
two antenna
deep burnt orange and woody
choco' brown hairs with dashes of

what if
William Butler Yeats
picked up on the magickal hermetic
current and methods for contacting
higher intelligence
either from his own study of Bruno
Dee Kelly Ficino

from Aleister Crowley
the great beast
who diligently practiced
enochian magick

pg. 4

and so
maybe Yeats passed on the
invisible bug or knowledge
a tiny magickal starseed
to his associates
James Joyce and
Ezra Pound?

the Chinese written character
and ancient imagist sensibility
in resonance with contacting
higher intelligence
how did that language strike up from the past?

(contact between the widow of
American scholar of Japanese arts and
oriental culture: Ernest
Fenollosa and Ezra Pound cc. 1912)

the hermetic current
tirelessly innovating culture
art and science with

pushing out beyond language
into total communication
magick keys to open invisible doorways
geometry poetry mathematics
and good will

pg. 5

and a will to power
to the people
special languages of poetry
to awaken the reader
to the ignorance in knowledge
firm trust in the universe to provide
flying on the wings of

what if
contact with higher intelligence
disguises itself as creative impulse
and the spark of ingenuity?

Joyce and Pound each
made a revolution in
communications scripture
and systems

a good guide to contacting your
own deeper shadow self
your private muse
or sirian servant
invoked for good intentions
on behalf of all around the world
a doorway for friendly ET intervention

pg. 6

deeper still we have
the Polish genius who contacted
higher intelligence through the
intensive work and innovation of
general semantics

a refinement of language structure
toward a science of meaning
contact with multiple entities
a lesson for self centered
naive realists
in non-Aristotelian language systems
of limited communications
Alfred Korzybski

key to magickal workings
a 20th century extension of core
hermetic wisdom
scientifically presented as
a system

deployed by William S. Burroughs
a possible way to interpret the nova mob
practiced and mastered by
Robert Anton Wilson himself
the epic vortex
of imagination and good
willed humour

pg. 7

what if
Buckminster Fuller were a
primary key figure to
understanding and making use of the
hermetic wisdom in
contacting higher intelligence

innovation of geometry
so as to benefit all humanity
design science revolution
in the hermetic tradition
not for weapons of war
but knowledge systems and new
communications languages
for peace

toward universal abundance
of technology in the
minds of the people
the natural abundance of
carbon 60
or bucky balls
throughout the universe

serious cosmic economics
extraterrestrial technology
and contact
through the medium of geometry
maybe some Giordano Bruno
geodesics and dymaxion
architecture for the people
buckyballs and the mad
carbon 60 mystery of the
ubiquity of c60 throughout it!

pg. 8

what if
the father of information sciences
and the mathematical theory of
Claude Shannon
were perceived as another
unforeseen link to opening the
invisible doorways through which
higher intelligence

to lead much of humanity in 2014
into contact
with everybody and everything
the global internet of things

a basically hermetic ideaspace:
shared knowledge and a
scientific tool for discovery
and information processing

Shannon dangles keys
to as yet undiscovered
rooms without walls
mind boggling complexity
building a new cypher language
to help deduce and evaluate
through innovating the equations
binary electrical switching circuit

pg. 9

what if
the tale of the tribe
by Robert Anton Wilson
defines another order of
methods and systems
required for any thinking individual
who really wants to make contact
with higher intelligence
here it is
cosmic trigger
study it

and with luck ideas and inspiration
may emerge to lift up humanity
and instigate newer and faster
technological innovations
of the living

once contact is established
how the to ask
a meaningful question
how to interpret the information

quantum mechanics
and taoism
systems for deeper study
on contemplating a holy
guardian angel
shadow self
how to?

pg. 10

magickal workings in the
enochian language seem
to me to be more effective
way to contact higher intelligence
without tears
with good reason healthy skepticism
and a playful soul

based upon evidence from
RAWs books such as Cosmic Trigger vol. 1
and from RAW himself in my interviews
i now feel today that
there exists a particular contact
based on RAWs experiments detailed in his
methodology that includes
magickal occult ceremony
and tantric rituals
together with strange drugs

i hear the skeptic shout accusingly
i knew it
all this babble about contact and angels
he's high on acid

well yes what you thought
the psychedelic experience
mimics the magickal experience
and the experience of art too
getting beyond language
into epiphany and cosmic coincidence
or better yet synchronicity

pg. 11

to innovate the priest craft
while keeping two feet
grounded on earth
in the sewer
maybe the message from the stars
seeds is to evolve and mutate?
get back to the primary source of
a kind of
decentralized (Bruno)

unlimited and unbounded by belief
beliefs unlimited
freedom of thought
as Crowley and Leary
and Philip K. Dick demonstrated

we are not alone but
surrounded by a network of sentient
a love macrocosm
teaming with life and things to
communicate and
probably not in english

simply tune in
RAW tuned in while also turned on
and quickly got dialled into
sirius.raw broadcasting network 23

since getting in touch
RAW crafted ingenious magickal
communication devices
or books
utilized to help
other make contact
and possibly take the plunge and
attempt the tale of the tribe
for themselves

pg. 12

a modern verse epic
an epic including history
a global epic for the entire
human race
from the perception of
an individual stuck in time

a spirited attempt to
redeem oneself from the
mostly violent
wreckage of history
the history of men
empire warfare greed
and nightmare bushit' whirl

a new book of the day
contact for all who read
to provoke freedom of thought
and sympathy and forgiveness
for all mankind

the gods never left us'
we must knuckle down and
create this kind spirit of open
communication for all entities
both gods and insects
we must become the
we wish to see manifest
in the word/world

pg. 13

two examples of
the tale of the tribe
the cantos of Ezra Pound
Finnegans Wake by James

both epic and encyclopedic
tragic comic
multi lingual
crated a whole new style
ideogrammic prose
hologrammic prose

both in the hermetic tradition
heavy on math
geometry and esoteric symbol
systems innovated and
unified in the minds of
the people who read them

keys to holding a kind sanity
in the facebook of a
pop culture apocalypse
love and light of acknowledgement
that nothing is what it first appears to be

pg. 14

and slowness is beauty
good access to the data for all
helps build a clearer picture
global webnet search engines
unleash much occulted information and
wisdom hidden within the cantos
and the wake
even today

and so the global
hermetic revolution is underway
and has been for thousands of years

untied against fundamentalist
religious and scientific dogma
state sponsored bully boy tactics

and against mean spirited
greedy actions for the exclusive
benefit of the few

a planet spaceship earth
with 7.6 Billion passengers
using over 750 languages
requires a certain sympathetic
and tolerant individual
who attempts unity in verse
including history
without loosing sight of
the guiding principle of compassion
and kindness for all sentient beings

--Steve Fly Agaric 23
Amsterdam. 6.50 P.M, 11th June, 2014.

(on my way back from the park this afternoon i made a decision that when i got home i would google "Yeats and "butterflies" to see what might turn up. Of course, in 1934 Yeats wrote a drama titled 'Wheels and Butterflies' adding some spice to this mini-drama unfolding within a drama triggered by a butterfly landing on my open page as i wrote the word Yeats.)

Marshall Mcluhan and Dr Timothy Leary

There is no other 1960s intellectual figure whom Timothy Leary came to admire more than Marshall McLuhan. He considered McLuhan’s famous statement – “The medium is the message" -- the most important cultural insight of the ‘60s, a decade saturated with insightful and lasting one-liners, some of the most famous coming from Leary’s own brain. Leary has even credited the world’s foremost media theorist with giving him the pep talk that resulted in his own famous mantra: “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.”
In 1964, when LSD was fast becoming a national issue on a trajectory that eventually made it the most vilified drug of the decade, McLuhan’s treatise Understanding Media became (alongside The Tibetan Book of the Dead) the latest roadmap for Leary’s positioning on the subject that had increasingly preoccupied him since he and Richard Alpert had been forced out of Harvard, where they had been doing groundbreaking research on psilocybin, LSD and DMT during the early 1960s.--http://boingboing.net/2014/06/03/timothy-leary-and-marshall-mcl.html

Certain Noble Plays of Japan.

Title: Certain Noble Plays of Japan
       From The Manuscripts Of Ernest Fenollosa

Author: Ezra Pound

Commentator: William Butler Yeats

"All imaginative art keeps at a distance and this distance once chosen must be firmly held against a pushing world. Verse, ritual, music and dance in association with action require that gesture, costume, facial expression, stage arrangement must help in keeping the door. Our unimaginative arts are content to set a piece of the world as we know it in a place by itself, to put their photographs as it were in a plush or a plain frame, but the arts which interest me, while seeming to separate from the world and us a group of figures, images, symbols, enable us to pass for a few moments into a deep of the mind that had hitherto been too subtle for our habitation. As a deep of the mind can only be approached through what is most human, most delicate, we should distrust bodily distance, mechanism and loud noise--Certain Noble Plays of Japan.


Starseed Transmissions intersection point: July 23

Starseed Transmission intersection point

The following are some notes i made while revisiting the RAW high weirdness around the date July 23, 1973, and some of the influences and experiments he mixed together during those weeks.


Press play. Go. Pull it. The Cosmic Trigger Play.


Daisy Eris Campbell and a merry band of Discordians (including Steve Fly) are on a mission to stage Robert Anton Wilson's auto-biographical musings "Cosmic Trigger" as an original theatre production.