Saul Paul Sirag Interview - Thinking Alowed

Saul Paul Sirag takes us through many of the ideas and principles that Robert Anton Wilson explored in both his fiction, and non-fiction. Physics and Consciousness.

I was lucky to also interview Saul in San Francisco, 18 years ago.



Alan Moore In Conversation With Youth

Alan Moore in conversation with Youth - Super Weird Happening, April 01, 2017 from Jahski on Vimeo.

The 14 hour Super Weird Happening at the Florrie, Liverpool 8, was a day of wonderment, inspiration and discovery. The highlight, for many, was the conversation between Alan Moore and Youth. If anything is gonna make you get off your arse and do something about the talent inside of you, this is it. Just do it!


Coincidance: A Head Test by Robert Anton Wilson.

This, for my money, is the most spectacular non-fiction work that Wilson ever penned, breathtakingly adventurous in both its content and its strikingly experimental form. Uncertain and demonstrably uncaring whether it’s a piece of literary criticism, metaphysical discussion or anthology of diverse esoteric writings, this remarkable compendium is best seen, in the spirit of its title, as a glorious accidental dance of meaning, modernism and mythology.  - Alan Moore, from his introduction to Coincidance – The Robert Anton Wilson Trust Authorized Hilaritas Press Edition

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Simon Moon


Deep Code Experiments by Jordan Greenhall

I was delighted to recently stumble upon (by way of a Twitter retweet by Cory Doctorow) these fresh video's from Jason Greenhall, exploring various scenarios, maps, models and metaphors worthy of your contemplation, and for anybody interested in 'the tale of the tribe'.

Among many other thinkers--while listening to these bite sized chunks of progressive social futurism--I get signals from Buckminster Fuller and his all-around-the-world cooperative, synegetics, and generally his anti-rivalry design science solutions. I get signals from Marshall McLuhan, and from Giamabttista Vico, and have begun to apply some of the 8-Circuit Model, to these social psychological, cultural, political, economic models defined by Jordan.

Thanks for sharing the video's, I look forward to more posts.
--Steve Fly

[Deep Code Experiment] Episode 1: 4 Layer Model of Social Systems

[Deep Code Experiment] Episode 2: The Rivalrous and the Anti-Rivalrous

[Deep Code Experiment] Episode 3: Complicated, Complexity, Chaos. The Cynefin framework.

[Deep Code Experiment] Episode 4. The Game of Thrones.

[Deep Code Experiment] Episode 5: The Tainter Plus Model.

Fly By Night 248: Do It


Rockers, artists pay tribute to James Joyce with massive project

“What I found out,” says Pyle, “was that there were all these niches and subcultures — dead heads, punk rockers, out-there artists, avant-garde classical musicians, Robert Anton Wilson fans — and within their subcultures ‘Finnegans Wake’ has a lot of importance. ... What I think happened was we were able to bring together a bunch of niches, people who were interesting and also supportive — that cult thing, when you’re really into something, you’re really into something. We brought together those people as both audience and contributors.”


A note to Bob

Dear Bob,

the world seems so messy without you, and we all miss your social commentary and King Kong like presence on the underground. Raw heads still turn to you for the clearest perspective on any particular issue, be it concerning intelligent signals from outer space, the perils of totalitarian government, any conspiracy you can think of, no matter how wild or crazy (as nothing could be stranger than the truth) We miss your humor and willingness to confront the boogie man in every corner of the cultural living room, where others fear to tread.

new readers are discovering your books daily, both fiction and non-fiction (oh whats the difference these days?) i dream of picking apart the bride of Illuminatus with a 10'000 strong, open on-line community, and to witness the films and games and weird works dedicated to you light up your face. Shit, it's easy to forget how well you're ideas are preserved due to your due diligence when writing. You might chuckle to see us all pushing onwards into the dark woods with the world on our shoulders, taking on the TSOG with art and magic. May you rest in peace, and continue to extrude your ubiquitous entanglement with those who wish to tune in. Please visit at any time.

--Steve Fly