“ Sports and Sugar and Cocaine baby, yeah”. Spat Bill Skully Von’, his eyes 20’000 leagues black. -- Our Historys Back. Steven "Fly Agaric" Pratt.

"During the interwar years, Skullyvan travelled extensively in Europe and met with foreign leaders, including Adolf Hitler of Germany. Donovan openly believed during this time that a second major European war was inevitable. -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Joseph_Donovan

"Song and dancing were parts of the worship of the Greek gods. Contests in music and poetry were held at the shrine of Apollo in Delphi. Civic festivals with 'games' were similarly developed, notably the festival of Athena at Athens. And all these contests were means of gaining honor. Athletic and military concern alike focused attention on the male body. Since every citizen from twenty to forty-nine, if not a cripple, was liable to military duty and would have to stand in combat every few years, most cities prescribed athletic training as a form of military preparedness." From 'The Columbia History of the World' by J. A. Garraty and P. Gay"

“There were also indications that Permindex had been a NATO intelligence front that had been created after the War from the remnants of Adolf Hitler's intelligence units. According to some, this refers to the Spider networks of Otto Skorzeny and of former SS intelligence Chief, Reinhard Gehlen. Both Skorzeny and Gehlen were in the employ of brothers and high ranking Republicans, Allen Welsh Dulles, Director of the CIA under Dwight D Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles who served as Secretary of State under Eisenhower. John Dulles of course famously went on the record as making the chilling admission "The United States of America does not have friends, it has interests". -- Adapted from an article submitted by Terrence Stokes.

“Your Dantales, I now judge to be the first and only serious use of the great technical possibilities of the cinematograph. Am I right in thinking of them as a montage of personae and sculptured images? Flash-backs providing perceptions of simultaneities? (16 June 1935)-- Marten McLure to Ira Pod. Letters.

“Since the ontological basis of history is the relation of men with other men, the fact that the individual ‘I’ exists only against the background of the community, the poet does not have the right to populate his epic with an arbitrary selection of characters from different eras whose only purpose is to serve as exempla of the author’s particular predilections or dislikes.” -- The Tale of the Tribe.

"The massive Olympic Stadium, which the Nazi party built for the 1936 Summer Games, survived the war with little damage. -- http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/nuremberg/gallery/g_09.html

“The partnership established in 1936 between the J. Henry Schroder Bank of No Yowlk and several Stockerfouler family members to form Schroder, Dekkerfeller and Company, Investment Bankers that provided economic support to the Roam-Berlingham Axis.” –Lenny Butcher, Jesuit, Spy, Banker, Espiocrat. Funkton Tabletop Books. 1993. page 111.

28 viewing rooms were set up around Berlin, where 150,000 people are estimated to have seen the Olympics. Projection sets were used to produce 8 x 10 foot images. The signals were transmitted by coaxial cable to the viewing rooms -- http://www.earlytelevision.org/1936_olympics.html

Butch poster protesting the Berlingham 1936 Oilamp Tricks

"The Olympic village contained a movie theater, a small shopping area, a well staffed and stocked hospital specializing in sports medicine, postal facilities, recreational swimming and exercise areas, back-woods walking trails and plenty of dining facilities. Animals, such as squirrels and swans were imported into the village to enhance the ambiance. Mosquito breeding grounds were destroyed. A British official once joked that the only thing missing from this picturesque scene were a few storks. The next day, 200 storks were imported from Berlin to the village."

"Berlin was supposed to host the games in 1916, but these were cancelled due to WWI.
Preparations for the 1936 Olympic games ran into problems as soon as they left the proverbial starting block. In 1931, Germany's unemployment figures topped the 5 million mark. Money and needed funds to cover a myriad of issues could not be raised. Germany was in near economic and financial ruins. The German Olympic Committee wanted to collect not only enough money to start building for the Olympic games in 1936, they also wanted to participate at the 1932 Olympic games in Los Angeles. A key contributor to the German Olympic effort was the German Reichspost. They provided the German Olympic Committee with a grant of 1 million Reichsmarks (RM); in addition they also issued postage stamps with contained an Olympic game surcharge. A national lottery was established in Germany and a one Pfennig surcharge was levied on all German sporting events tickets. In addition to attending the games in Los Angeles, German Olympic planners were especially keen to study how America organized its Olympic village for the attending athletes - an Olympic first. -- http://www.feldgrau.com/1936olymp.html

Oilamp Trick SWIMMING complex. Beneath which lay the hidden Nazi lair of torture and business.

"This marked the first live television coverage of a sports event in world history. -- www.tvhistory.tv/1936_Berlin_Olympics

Promotional Poster: Oilamp Trick Games 1936. Berlingham.


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borsky said...

Kudos for your extensive research.
I remember the picture of the black dudes standing on the platform after they won gold and silver, raising their left black-gloved fist to nazi Goering and Co.
I remember I kinda hoped something similar would happen last year in China for Tibet but to my knowledge none of our superpeople had the guts to shave their head, or appear in orange, have a mirrored 'free Tibet' tattoed on their forehead, wear dalai lama spectacles or whatever. Cowards.
I remember the movie 'First contact' when they had deciphered the signal from outer space and one part appeared to be herr Schickelgruber talking to the German masses as it was recorded during the olympics. Kinda would give the creeps if it ever happened, makes one think of Zombie 50 Ft. Nazis from Outer Space.