“The art of positronic reincarnation. In lay terms, when one brain wears out with age, I simply move my quantum energy into another brain. The return of the Great Old Ones, or GOO, as we call them.— The Sage of Dalkey.

“We annihilated the world before your very ears and utterly destroyed the CBS”. Carson Wools, Confessions of a cinemaphile. Whorebridge Press. 1936.

“I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of the universe.” Jacky Muller, Noun Again. Comp. Press. 1932. Pg. 152

“This means that the values of the samples f(n / 2W) determine the Fourier coefficients in the series expansion of F(ω). Thus they determine F(ω), since F(ω) is zero for frequencies greater than W, and for lower frequencies F(ω) is determined if its Fourier coefficients are determined. But F(ω) determines the original function f(t) completely, since a function is determined if its spectrum is known. Therefore the original samples determine the function f(t) completely. – James Shermon

“In this connection, Fourier has shown that any given form of waves can be represented by the superposition of sine-waves, and that therefore a sine-wave may be considered as a general formulation.” Humanski said, tapping his foot to the strange galloping swing.

"Humanski, who developed the concept of General Semantics, the meaning of meaning, has pointed out this human distinction and described man as ‘the time-binding animal.” Dudley S. Boros, Chief Commisioner of Sewers and the Electromeganetic revolution.

"In the present context, Humanski's mathematized language structures, like the Venossa/Pod emphasis on Chunese videograph, Helps us perceive/conceive Internet-of-things in alternative ways, Not possible for those restricted to Indo-European semantic structures.” Sonny Bob.

"Livingry is juxtaposed to weaponry and killingry, and means that which is in support of all human, plant, and Earth life. "The architectural profession--civil, naval, aeronautical, and astronautica — has always been the place where the most competent thinking is conducted regarding livingry, as opposed to weaponry." Jacky Muller, Pivotal Passage, Pg. 25.

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